The Nubian Kings conquered the whole pharaonic Egypt.  



 Discover the beautiful archaeological sites of Soleb, Tombos, Kerma and also to see the colourful Nubian villages, the Nubian Desert and the Jebel Barkal with its polychrome tombs.the Bayuda Desert with its volcanic cones and nomadic settlements up to the astonishing UNESCO site of the Royal Necropolis of Meroe. 


The MFA played a key role in bringing ancient Nubia to light, undertaking excavations at sites in southern Egypt and northern Sudan between 1913 and 1932, when both countries were under British colonial control. As a result, the MFA’s collection of ancient Nubian art is the largest and most important outside Khartoum, 


The Nubi app project is divided into stages; the first stage is a mobile application for Nubian language education that was launched on GooglePlay in February. While the second stage is programming chatbot on Facebook messenger with translated Nubian words and phrases. 

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