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Sa Kabilang Anyo Ng Buhay Rar

Sa Kabilang Anyo ng Buhay: A Filipino Death Metal Compilation

Sa Kabilang Anyo ng Buhay (Other Forms of Life) is a compilation album featuring 12 Filipino death metal bands that was released in 1994 by Dethrone Records. The album is considered to be the first and only Filipino death metal compilation, and a landmark in the history of the Philippine metal scene.

The album showcases the diversity and creativity of the Filipino death metal bands, who were influenced by various subgenres of metal such as thrash, doom, black, and grindcore. The bands featured on the album are:

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  • Iconoclast - Nevermore

  • Pathogen - The Final Chapter

  • Deceased - The Last Breath

  • Amaranth - The Awakening

  • Rumblebelly - Suffering

  • Mass Carnage - Mass Carnage

  • Mortal Fear - Mortal Fear

  • Disinterment - Disinterment

  • Eternal Damnation - Eternal Damnation

  • Demise - Demise

  • Death After Birth - Death After Birth

  • Brutal Punishment - Brutal Punishment

The album was produced by Dethrone Records, a label founded by Noel Garcia, who was also the vocalist and guitarist of Iconoclast. Garcia was inspired by the underground metal scene in Europe and America, and wanted to promote the Filipino death metal bands to a wider audience. He gathered the bands from different parts of the Philippines, such as Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Baguio, and recorded their songs in various studios. He also designed the cover art, which depicts a skull with a Philippine flag on its forehead.

The album was released on cassette tape, and was distributed locally and internationally. It received positive reviews from metal fans and critics, who praised the quality and originality of the songs. The album also helped to establish the Filipino death metal scene as a force to be reckoned with in the global metal community. Some of the bands on the album went on to release their own albums, while others disbanded or changed their musical direction. However, the legacy of Sa Kabilang Anyo ng Buhay remains as a testament to the passion and talent of the Filipino death metal bands.

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