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Moodymann Moodymann Collection 2006 FLAC

Moodymann Moodymann Collection 2006 FLAC

Moodymann, also known as Kenny Dixon Jr., is one of the most influential and enigmatic figures in the Detroit house music scene. He is known for his eclectic and soulful blend of jazz, funk, disco, techno, and hip-hop, as well as his outspoken and sometimes controversial personality. He rarely gives interviews, prefers to play vinyl records, and often wears a mask or sunglasses during his performances.


One of his most acclaimed works is the Moodymann Collection, a CD mix released in 2006 on his own label Mahogani Music. The mix features 30 tracks from his previous releases, some of which are rare or hard to find on vinyl. The mix showcases his diverse and eclectic musical taste, as well as his skills as a DJ and a storyteller. He mixes tracks seamlessly, adds vocal samples and effects, and creates a narrative that reflects his views on music, culture, politics, and life in Detroit.

The Moodymann Collection is not only a musical journey, but also a historical document of the evolution of Moodymann's sound and style. It includes tracks from his debut album Silentintroduction (1997), which introduced his signature deep house sound with soulful vocals and jazzy chords; to Forevernevermore (2000), which expanded his musical palette with techno, funk, and disco influences; to Black Mahogani (2004), which explored his darker and more experimental side with ambient, dub, and electro elements. The mix also features some of his most popular and influential tracks, such as "Shades of Jae", "I Can't Kick This Feelin When It Hits", "Don't You Want My Love", and "Joy Pt. II".

The Moodymann Collection is a must-have for any fan of house music, especially those who appreciate the unique and original vision of Moodymann. It is also a great introduction for those who are curious about the Detroit house scene and its rich history and culture. The mix is available in FLAC format, which offers high-quality audio and preserves the original sound of the vinyl records. You can listen to the mix on SoundCloud or download it from Kevin Alvarado's blog. You can also find more information about the mix and its tracklist on Discogs.


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